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BPs 'End To Oil Spill' Only The Beginning

Posted: Aug 04, 2010 by Truthed

BP (British Petroleum) has announced the success of the latest attempt to cap the oil spill across the mass media. Latest attempt appears to be working.

Called 'static kill', this method forces a heavy synthetic fluid into the well; however, more work needs to be done now to seal off the piping.

Original estimates of the oil spill reported by the government and BP were 5000 barrels a day. Scientists estimate the actual amount at 62,000 barrels a day and quite possibly the leakage of over 5,000,000 barrels into the gulf of Mexico.

On the mass media front, there seems to be the next stage in a national cover up. Media claiming oil has disappeared.. saying 3/4 of the oil has 'evaporated', been captured, 'dispersed'. Over 1.8 million gallons of toxic chemical dispersant were dumped into the gulf to mask the oil and send it into the water column making it invisible.Fishermen are still reporting large volumes of oil however and lack of life in the gulf.

Animal bodies seem to be missing in an attempt to hiding the damage that could potentially be used for class action lawsuits. Rumors spread about the purchase of BP by another oil giant resulting in the largest consolidation of oil power in the world and re-branding for BP.Let's see what happens and if this is really fixed.

BP stock is up over 40% of the low caused by the oil spill. Business as usual....

You may find some excellent coverage at Democracy Now

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